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Essential Oils and Odor Control Technology

One of the critical things to understand about essential oil technology for odor control is not all essential oils are suitable for use in odor elimination. Essential oils used in odor control are extracts of many different fruits, vegetables and other plant material. There are thousands of these oils available and many find their way into perfumes and fragrances, solvents, flavor enhancers, cooking oils and other uses. However, there are only a very limited number of these oils that serve for the process of odor elimination. It is the choice of these oils and the chemical properties they display that makes one product more effective than another.

The oils used in odor control display certain chemical properties that allow an oil to have a physical or chemical effect on odorous compounds. These properties or functionalities are what make the oil effective at eliminating an odor. The effectiveness of any odor control product is directly dependent on how well the oils are chosen and blended to effect the correct chemical or physical reaction on those odorous compounds.

Benzaco has spent years in pursuit of the BEST formula for odor control using essential oil technology. We have succeeded with our ODOR-ARMOR products.

Chemical Product Offerings

Odor Neutralizers

ODOR-ARMOR® – ODOR-ARMOR® products are true odor neutralizers that absolutelyMarijuana odor controlneutralize and eliminate odors. ODOR-ARMOR®products eliminate odor without leaving a residual fragrance in the air. If overfed they may impart a slight, pleasant but non-descript scent that can be used to control dosage.

OCC-2000 – The products in this line of odor neutralizers are also odor eliminators but have been formulated to be more specific to odor types. These products are also formulated to allow for an additional fragrance to be added for a residual scent left behind after odor elimination.

Neutralizers and Fragrances

Benzaco developed a line of fragrant products to be used when a customer prefers to impart a scent to the air stream or when they prefer a strong masking type of chemistry.

OCC-2000 Fragrant Versions – The OCC-2000 products are exceptional odor eliminators with very pleasant non-irritating and non-hazardous added fragrances. These products are available with the following scents: citrus pine, orange, pine, floral and vanilla. We can formulate other fragrances if requested or required.

OCC Fragrances – These products are HEAVY with fragrance with only minor neutralizing capability. The OCC Fragrance products are very pleasant, non-irritating, non-hazardous fragrances that are used as masking/neutralizing agents. They are concentrated and very economical to use.

OCC-2100 VaporTech – Benzaco Scientific developed these products specifically for waterless air/vapor systems. These products utilize many of the ODOR-ARMOR®  chemistries but have been designed for use in non-water high-pressure systems.

Surface Application Products

OCC-Bel Enzyme Products – OCC-Bel products are specifically designed for bulk application into solid or aqueous phases of odor generating material. The products act to eliminate odor at the source in an effective, safe and economical way.

OCC Crystals – OCC Crystals is a very concentrated fragrant granular (inorganic) that helps impart an effective neutralizer/fragrance to the air when used on floors, driveways or in porous containers. OCC Crystals is low dusting and very economical to use.

All Benzaco Scientific products are non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable and safe to use in virtually every industrial application.