Pennsylvania Solid Waste Landfill

How a Pennsylvania Landfill Reduced Odor Complaints

The Problem

A Pennsylvania landfill using masking agents for years discovered how unsuccessful “covering” odors can be.

The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection documented over 200 odor complaints from neighbors of the landfill in just one year. As a result and at significant expense, the site was required to install an enhanced landfill gas collection system with temporary flares to burn off the odorous gas.

The site was fined almost $75,000 in civil penalties for past odor violations. Preemptive action on the part of the site to address odor issues would have reduced overall costs and alleviated the bad public relations suffered by the landfill.

Vapor-Phase Delivery System Dispersing Odor-Armor Solvents

The Solution

The site has since implemented operational solutions, including the use of Benzaco Scientific vapor phase odor control measures which have reduced odor complaints significantly.

The Result

Masking agents do not work and may actually compound malodor issues and increase odor complaints.

Using a vapor phase odor control system, like the Benzaco Scientific subtractive odor control system of products and equipment, that neutralizes not masks or covers odors will ensure operational acceptance and save costs.

Cost Efficient

Effective odor eliminating compounds combined with delivery systems featuring industry leading automation, remote management and cost efficiencies.

All Natural

Natural odor removal compounds have been scientifically developed odor-eliminating plant extracts with industry-specific blends to maximize odor reduction.

Custom Solutions

We conduct site evaluations and provide custom, comprehensive, and industry-specific odor control programs with unparalleled customer support.

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