Ohio Municipal Sewage Treatment Facility

How a Municipal Sewage Treatment Plant Eliminates Odors and Reduce Costs

The Problem

Neighbors on the surrounding hillsides of this Northeastern Ohio sewage treatment plant were outraged by constant, intensely offensive odors from the plant’s sludge drying operations.

The plant’s current treatment was providing only marginal success in controlling odors pouring from the exhaust scrubber.

The plant was receiving hundreds of calls a week.

Perimeter Fogging System Dispersing Odor-Armor Solvents

The Objective

Eliminate odors; stop complaints.

The Solution

Benzaco Scientific suggested feeding Odor-Armor® products into the exhaust stack of the scrubber. The operations manager had concerns because the Odor-Armor was six times the cost of their previous treatment. However…

The Result

The odor is gone! No complaints!

The operational costs were reduced by 33% in comparison to the plants previous odor management plan.

The operations manager was ecstatic, “this stuff is liquid gold!”

Cost Efficient

Effective odor eliminating compounds combined with delivery systems featuring industry leading automation, remote management and cost efficiencies.

All Natural

Natural odor removal compounds have been scientifically developed odor-eliminating plant extracts with industry-specific blends to maximize odor reduction.

Custom Solutions

We conduct site evaluations and provide custom, comprehensive, and industry-specific odor control programs with unparalleled customer support.

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