Odor-Armor® ASP

Odor Counteractants for Asphalt Production & Asphalt Paving

Odor-Armor® ASP is a broad-spectrum concentrate that is an all-natural biodegradable blend of natural plant extracts.


Plant-based & Compounds


Concentrated for
Cost Savings

Odor-Armor® ASP Can Reduce Odors by up to 95%.

Independent studies prove that the odors associated with asphalt production are virtually eliminated in contact with our product.

  • Organic sulfur compounds
  • Mercaptans
  • Dimethyl sulfides
  • Organic & synthetic hydrocarbons

Add at Any Phase of Asphalt Production.

Our product is so effective that it is mixed at rates as low as 10,000:1. This results in huge cost savings for the operators and anyone using our products. 

  • Mix directly into asphalt
  • Hot mix plant 
  • Terminal storage tanks
  • Transportation trucks
  • Blend via in-line injection

Available Packaging

  • 5 Gallon Pail (18.9L) – 45 lbs. (23kg) Net
  • 55 Gallon Drums (208L) – 456 lbs. (236kg)
  • 275 Gallon Totes – (1035L) 2283 lbs. (1035kg) Net
  • Bulk (Ask your representative for larger deliveries)

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