The industrial-strength odor counteractant that changed an industry

Unlike odor masking agents, which endeavor to outstink noxious odors but only add to the overall odor intensity resulting in odors akin to cherry-flavored rotten eggs, Odor-Armor® has no significant smell on its own. Odor-Armor® is a multi-component blend featuring a combination of naturally occurring compounds that work to counteract unpleasant odors. The specialized package includes sulfate-reducing bacteria that can help break down hydrogen sulfide and other organosulfur compounds, including mercaptans and dimethyl sulfide.

Odor-Armor® neutralizes financial penalties and government regulations too.

More and more regulations for odor control are being written into operating permits for more and more industries. Since odor levels are not easily quantified, these regulations are typically based on the number of complaints. We work with businesses to achieve the odor control goals that minimize risk.

Landfill Odor Complaint Reduction After Introduction of Odor-Armor®


Odor control costs were reduced 12x after the introduction of Odor-Armor®.

odor control cost


Plant-based & Compounds


Lasting and

Methyl Mercaptan Odor
odor armor mercaptan
Hydrogen Sulfide Odor
odor-armor hydrogen sulfide
Independent testing: Delltech Labs

Odor-Armor® Blends are Custom-Formulated to Counteract the Odor Byproducts of Each Industry

Whether it’s malodors associated with petrochemicals, waste, plastics, food processing, or even cannabis cultivation, there is an Odor-Armor® formula for that. Our scientists will create proprietary blends to match your odor issues.