Landfill & Solid Waste Odor Control Solutions

Effective Odor Control for Landfills and Solid Waste Management

Landfills are a major source of unpleasant odors produced by the decomposition of solid waste such as organic matter, industrial waste, and hazardous materials. These odors can contain harmful substances like mercaptans, VOCs, and ammonia, which can result in non-compliance fines from local governments and pose a threat to human health.

In order to avoid fines and stay complaint it is important for landfill operators to combat these odors using effective, and proven odor control solutions that are both safe and cost-efficient.

Our Flagship Product: Odor-Armor®

Odor-Armor® is used in a multitude of industries, including landfills. This broad-spectrum counteractant is available in blends specifically designed to eliminate the smells and by-products particular to the landfill industry. It effectively eliminates unpleasant odors by up to 95% on contact, making it a top choice for landfill operators. Our biodegradable and non-toxic formula is safe to use, and non-flammable. Whether you prefer to dilute the product with water for spray application or use it as a concentrate for a direct injection additive, Odor Armor® provides reliable and effective odor control for your landfill and solid waste.
A California Composting Facility Eliminates Odor Complaints and Ends Costly Regulatory Fines
Vapor-phase odor control program reduces a Pennsylvania landfill's odor complaints & eliminates civil penalty fees
Ohio Landfill Eliminates Odors & Cuts Operational Costs With a Benzaco Odor Management Plan
California Landfill Reduces Odor Control Costs by More Than 80% with Vapor-Phase Systems & Products

Air Treatment Solutions

To prevent landfill odors from escaping into nearby communities, Benzaco provides fixed or portable delivery systems. In a fixed system, high-pressure hoses and nozzles are evenly placed around the perimeter of the landfill, leachate pond, or gas treatment system.

The odor-counteractant formula is then dispersed using high-pressurization systems such as vapor-phase and atomization that create a continuous fog that neutralizes obnoxious odors and prevents them from escaping into nearby communities.

Odor-Armor® Distribution Systems for Landfills

Systems for Mobile Atomized Treatment

In a landfill, it can be difficult to predict where an odor might arise. To combat this, Benzaco provides mobile systems that can disperse Odor-Armor® counteractants swiftly throughout the property through portable sprayer systems or water-trucks with mounted dispersal systems.

Odor-Armor® can be applied topically using these systems for spot treatment of problem locations such as exposed landfill and road areas, trucks carrying odorous cargo, or simply spraying down equipment such as scales to eliminate any leftover smells. Dilution rates of as much as 10,000:1 is possible for very economical application rates.

The Importance of Custom Solutions

Every landfill is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements for odor control. One-size-fits-all solutions simply don’t work in this industry due to the many factors that affect the type of odors that are produced, the age and condition of the landfill, and their proximity to urban areas. Some of the unique and common challenges faced by landfills listed below show why it’s important to have an experienced partner who can provide custom odor control solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your landfill operation. In order to deliver a complete solution that works for your location, Benzaco provides a suite of solutions customized to your requirements.

Wind Direction

The swift change in winds can cause odors to escape at different strengths from different parts of the landfill

Weather Conditions

The change in humidity and temperatures brought on by different seasons need to be meet by an all-weather solution

Site-specific conditions

The type of waste being disposed of can produce a multitude of different smells that require a broad-spectrum odor-counteractant


Landfills located in close proximity to urban areas may require both fixed installations as well as mobile delivery systems

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