Odor Control Method and Practice

The odor control market is brimming with vendors who sell odor control as an aside to other Cannabis skunk growing odorbusiness. What makes Benzaco unique, and we belive the best in the the odor control market, is we focus only on odor control. We see odor elimination as a process, not just something at which to throw chemical

The treatment for odor can employ various types of chemical agents. The most often used are masking agents or neutralizing agents. Masking agents tend to make the problem worse because they often create a more odorous situation. Neutralizing chemistry is the preferred method of odor elimination. The method is effective and economical if it is done correctly and with the proper chemistry. However, chemistry is only half the battle. The other half and perhaps even more important, is the choice of the application equipment.

Benzaco Scientific has developed a line of chemical products and application equipment that directly addresses both the issues mentioned above. We build our own equipment specifically designed for odor control. We build equipment to attain the goal of eliminating odor. The units are designed only for fogging odor control products. Not a modified system designed for everything from dust control to controlling humidity in hen houses. This is important when you consider the success of an odor control program hinges on the delivery of the product to the air in a consistent and reliable manner. Benzaco Scientific’s equipment systems are designed and field-tested to provide the very best method for delivering odor control product in a wide-range of industrial applications in a reliable and consistent manner.

Cannabis skunk growing odorCannabis skunk growing odor

Benzaco Scientific can custom build equipment for your application.
– Solid Waste- Muncipal Waste Water Treatment- Industrial Waste Water Treatment- Composting

– Food Processing

– Rendering

– Chemical Manufacturing

– Pulp & Paper Processes

– Refining/Hydrocarbon Processing

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