Direct Injection

For the Public, Industrial Odors are Perceived as Health Hazards

The emission of odors has become much more than a mere nuisance problem for most drilling sites, oil refineries, and industrial facilities. High-profile industrial accidents and heightened environmental awareness have elevated malodors in the public mind from a mere nuisance to a perceived health hazard.

Settlements can run into multi-millions.

Odor-Armor® OBM Can Reduce Odors by 90-95%

Unlike masking agents that add to the overall odor intensity by introducing an odor more pungent than the offending odor, Odor-Armor® OBM uses natural odor-counteracting technology that significantly reduces nuisance odors, including hydrocarbons and organosulfur compounds such as mercaptans and dimethyl sulfide. Results are immediate and long-lasting. Odor-Armor® OBM is used undiluted for direct injection. Formulations are customized to directly counteract the specific odor compounds of specific industrial materials.


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