Custom Blends

The Penalties of Odor Pollution are High. Custom Blends Assure That You Get It Right.

Since the Odor-Armor family of formulations are not simply perfumed masking agents, but blends of natural compounds based on decades of laboratory research, one size does not fit all. Odors can be complex with multiple olfactory notes that interact in very dynamic ways.

Benzaco Can Create Custom Blends for Maximum Effectiveness for Your Odor Issue

The science behind Odor-Armor® is based on known olfactory interactions by identifying compounds that target and cancel very specific malodors. Benzaco can formulate a blend that fits your industry and your specific situation.

Scenario A: Refinery Coking Unit

Special System Needs: Explosion-proof Equipment

Special Odor Needs: Petroleum Nuisance Odors

Benzaco formulated a custom blend, Odor-Armor® 200CP, to neutralize specific odors released from the coking area of a refinery. To comply with critical safety regulations, Benzaco custom-engineered an injection system to comply with the highly-restrictive, explosion-proof protocols required of the industry.

Scenario B: Biodiesel Production

Special System Needs: Atomization System

Special Odor Needs: Intense Animal Rendering Odors

From the receiving area through the processing system, intense malodors were expelled from the rendering of waste animal fats. Benzaco customized an Odor-Armor® blend for the released odors and engineered an atomization system with more concentrated nozzle spacing to combat the particularly intense malodor byproducts.

Get the Perfect Blend

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