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Odor Control Systems, Products for Commercial Cannabis Grow Rooms, and Cultivation

Today, over 90% of indoor cannabis cultivation operations are located within the city or municipality limits mixed with industrial, commercial, and single residential homes.

Malodors have a severe negative impact on property prices, lead to low morale among staff and employees, and are considered air-pollution by local municipal authorities.

A natural byproduct of most plants including Cannabis during the flowering stage are fragrant oils that produce strong smells and odors.

Cannabis oils are described by many as unpleasant and “bad smelling”. The odor can hang in the air or drift downwind to cause those who come into contact with the odor to experience a negative psychological emotion.

Municipalities have very strict guidelines and rules throughout the USA for odor abatement during Cannabis cultivation. Heavy fines are given to Cannabis growers in violation of their local regulatory agency.

Cannabis growers can lose their licenses and ability to generate wealth if they do not comply with air pollution rules and regulations.

Greenhouse Exhaust Odor Control

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"We just put it to the test, took some Guerrilla Glue, which has a very pungent smell, locked it in a zip-lock bag, added a couple drops of Odor-Armor 420, and it completely eliminated the cannabis smell, there was nothing left..."
Operations Manager
Santa Barbara County, California

Natural Odor Eliminating Compounds Designed for Cannabis Smells

Vapor-Phase Systems placed at the exhaust stacks dispersing Odor-Armor 420 solutions.

Benzaco has developed Odor-Armor® 420, a broad-spectrum odor counteractant specifically blended to eliminate malodors produced by cannabis terpenes, and reduces sulfur compounds unique to the cultivation, growing, and processing of cannabis plants.

Odor-Armor® 420 eliminates odors instead of masking odors and is all-natural & requires no special permits to store the product at your facility. It’s completely safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable.

Our unique formula is completely natural and requires no special storage permits. Our unique formula is completely biodegradable to the environment, air, water, and soil. In most instances, Odor-Armor® 420 evaporates into the atmosphere and is broken down by UV light.

Odor-Armor® 420 is used with or without added water, and pressurized into a fine mist by delivery systems such as vapor-phase and atomization and eliminate the cannabis odors. What is left over in the process simply evaporates leaving no residues.

Our safe, all-natural products have been used by industries for over 30 years and have a proven successful track record with hundreds of cannabis growers today.

Colorado Cannabis Growing Facility Saved From License Revoke by Implementing An Odor-Armor® 420 Odor Management Plan

Eliminating Cannabis VOCs Naturally and Effectively

VOCs can contribute to air pollution and especially in areas where marijuana cultivation is widespread. Odor-Armor® 420 instantly neutralizes the VOCs produced by the cannabis plant upon contact within the vapor fog that is generated by high-pressure misting systems. This process is carried out organically, posing no danger to the plants, humans, or the surrounding community.

Odor-Armor® 420 effectively neutralizes odors from:

Odor Solutions For All Types of Growing Operations

Odor-Armor® 420 can be used at any location or facility. The most common type of facility our customers use are either warehouse growing facilities, “dutch-style” greenhouses, or Quonset hut-style greenhouses.

Dutch-Style Greenhouses

Dutch-style greenhouses are made of glass and located outdoors. During certain times and locations, the greenhouse must open up the glass windows to allow heat to escape, thus allowing cannabis odors to escape with the heat.

This problem is solved by installing vaporized tubing along the area where the glass windows are opened to allow heat to escape.

As soon as the windows are opened, the delivery system is activated, and distributes Odor-Armor® 420 by either atomization or vapor-phase methods, thereby eliminating the cannabis odors immediately.


For Quonset hut growing facilities, the indoor-air is extracted with fans attached to an outdoor exhaust stack. Odor-Armor® 420 is placed at the point of exhaust with custom designed pressurized vaporization lines to provide the correct amount of Odor-Armor® 420 to eliminate the cannabis smell.

Natural/Artificial Light

With the use of many organic and inorganic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, odors accumulate in greenhouse operations. The very thing that keeps the greenhouses healthy can also generate community odor complaints—proper ventilation. With the installation of pressurized vaporization lines at exhaust points, Odor-Armor® 420 can counteract cannabis odors and prevent community complaints.

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Odor-Armor® 420 Distribution Systems

Customized Solutions

We provide for customized applications for whole property, to point source emissions, including greenhouse fan exhausts, and processing room vents.

Our systems are designed to work with greenhouse environmental controls to provide focused point source applications to whole property platforms bringing together multiple zones and multiple forms of treatment.

We work with operators to selectively pair the right odor management systems with a solution that will maximize site specific performance, operational management and cost efficiency.

Benzaco cannabis cultivation odor management products are used in every state issuing grower permits and have been independently verified for their efficacy.

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