California Solid Waste Landfill

How a California Landfill In an Environmentally Sensitive Area Eliminates Odors and Reduces Odor Control Costs by Over 80%

The Problem

Co-composting with sewage sludge caused sensitive odor issues at a California landfill. The handling and drying of the sludge, as well as regular landfill, refuse caused escalating complaints in an, especially environmentally conscious county. Since 1995, the landfill had been attempting to solve these nagging odor issues with a wide variety of odor control methods and delivery systems.

The Objective

Design one system to eliminate the odor emissions from the various individual operations at the facility.

Odor-Armor compounds dispersed by pressurised vapor-phase delivery systems

The Solution

Benzaco Scientific engineers characterized, quantified and prioritized the odor emissions emanating from the individual operations at the site. Based on this evaluation and the identification of specific malodorous compounds, Benzaco Scientific designed and piloted a high-pressure vapor phase control system operating at greater than 500 psi to deliver a complex essential oil odor neutralizing agent.

The Result

Despite being initially skeptical, site personnel were impressed and convinced. The site installed three full-scale systems to cover the entire site. Since that time, odor complaints have dropped off from over 20 a month to less than 2 a year. More importantly, odor control costs have dropped dramatically. The facility was paying almost $200,000 a year for the previous unsuccessful system. Now, less than $12,000 per year.

Cost Efficient

Effective odor eliminating compounds combined with delivery systems featuring industry leading automation, remote management and cost efficiencies.

All Natural

Natural odor removal compounds have been scientifically developed odor-eliminating plant extracts with industry-specific blends to maximize odor reduction.

Custom Solutions

We conduct site evaluations and provide custom, comprehensive, and industry-specific odor control programs with unparalleled customer support.

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