Greenhouse odor control Odor/Dust Control Systems

Benzaco Equipment Products Odor Control System

Models for High-Pressure Odor and Dust Control

Benzaco Scientific High-Pressure Odor Control System Models for vapor phase odor and dust control are designed to control malodors or dust through the use of Benzaco Scientific odor neutralizers or dust control agents.

The base unit is made of stainless steel, housing the functioning pumps, motor, filters and gauges. An inlet filter assembly consisting of a series of filters ranging from 25 down to 5 microns cleanses the process water to remove foreign matter prior to entering the unit to aid in the prevention of nozzle clogging. Included is a chemical metering pump with manual adjustment or optional auto adjustment for desired chemical dilution ratios.

Greenhouse odor control

The unit is built to the customer’s electrical specifications utilizing power supply capable of handling 20 amps. A clean, soft water source capable of supplying the needed gallons per minute is required. (The units can be supplied with their own water source and all necessary handling equipment if water is not readily available at the pumping location.)

A high-pressure pump driven by an electric motor (optional gasoline or diesel drive options are available) is capable of delivering up to 1100 psi to the atomizing nozzles. Low water and/or low pressure supply water cutoff is provided for pump protection. All hoses are reinforced with stainless net to assure integrity to 3000psi. Hoses are ultra-violet light stable and can resit full sun applications if required. Piping and fittings are stainless steel. Brass nozzles with stainless steel orifice plates are utilized for fogging. All hose crimps are an iron/nickel alloy with exceptional corrosion resistant properties. The units are supplied with 7 day, 24-hour timers for manual or automatic timed operation.

Greenhouse odor control

All units can be built and supplied for portable operation by mounting all components to all-terrain heavy-duty trailers. The unit must be placed in an enclosure for weather protection when bad weather requires.