Water-Soluble Atomization Systems

Atomized Odor Control

One of the most efficient systems for odor counteraction is a Benzaco atomization system for Odor-Armor® diluted with water and then pressurized to 1,000 psi to create fine atomization at dispersal nozzles.

When the ultra-fine atomized odor control droplets collide with nuisance odor compounds, a series of chemical reactions occur that counteract the nuisance odor before it migrates off the facility.

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All of our units include thermal protection on the motor circuit and branch circuits and include high-quality industrial components from ABB, Danfoss, and CAT Pump.

Our systems can be built into existing environmental controls or can be configured with remote operational control. Our pumps are configured with site-specific operational accessories to maximize performance, cost efficiency, and reliability. This may include a variety of added components to enhance system performance or system control:

Atomized Anywhere

High-pressure atomization systems can be used by installing nozzles on high-pressure lines around the exterior of facilities, used as nozzle rings on existing ductwork or fans, installed overhead in large covered facilities or as lines running along the perimeter of entry/exit points.

The fog does not produce wetness on equipment, people, or the grounds due to our high-pressure technology that atomizes the water droplets.

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