Asphalt and Paving Odor Control Solutions

Odor Control for Asphalt Production and Paving Applications

Asphalt production and the application of “hot” asphalt produce strong offensive odors, and is the most common complaint received by asphalt production facilities and pavement crews.

The production process and asphalt paving create strong odors from VOC’s, NOx, sulfides, and other hydrocarbons that can linger in an area for hours and even days, depending on weather conditions and temperatures.

The heavy machinery used in transporting, storing, and paving asphalt leave behind noxious persistent smells from diesel fuel leakage and spillage. Unpleasant odors are the most common complaint from passersby, businesses, residents, neighbors, and community members.

Asphalt Odor-Counteractants

To combat and control offensive asphalt odors, Benzaco Scientific has created Odor-Armor® ASP, a proprietary blend of all-natural essential oils to counteract and eliminate up to 95% of asphalt and diesel fuel odors common in asphalt production and paving. Odor-Armor® ASP is a broad spectrum concentrate that works as a counteractant to eliminate odors from asphalt production and paving operations. Our product can be diluted with potable water by up as much as 10,000:1, or added directly to the mix during production or application for instant odor relief and reduction.
Odor-Armor® ASP eliminates smells created by the following materials and compounds used by pavement crews and asphalt production facilities:

Industry-Leading Odor Control Products and Systems

We understand that every operation has its own unique set of challenges. That’s why we offer a wide range of odor control products specifically designed for asphalt operations to help you develop and implement the most effective solutions for your business.


Odor Counteracting Agents for Asphalt Emissions

Our odor-neutralizing agents are specially formulated to target and eliminate the offensive odors generated during production and paving.

These powerful agents work by binding with odor-causing molecules and reducing them, resulting in a significant decrease in unpleasant smells in the surrounding environment.


Vapor-Phase and Atomization Odor Control Systems

Our vapor-phase and atomization odor control systems release a fine mist of odor-neutralizing agents into the air, effectively combating odors produced by asphalt operations.

These state-of-the-art systems ensure thorough coverage and efficient delivery of odor control agents, providing you with the highest level of odor reduction possible.

Customizable Misting Systems for Odor Reduction

Our customizable misting systems can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your asphalt production facility or paving operation.

These systems allow for precise control of odor-counteracting agent delivery and can be easily integrated into your existing equipment and processes.

Why Choose Odor-Armor® ASP

Asphalt odors are easily eliminated and controlled with Benzaco Scientific Odor-Armor ASP. Our product is safe and economical and only requires an SDS sheet for onsite storage under OSHA and EPA rules.