About Benzaco Scientific

Our Mission

In helping to deliver this new odor management transition, our mission is to provide innovative technology that empowers odor management leaders to deliver on the future promise of true odor control.

The path towards energy security, sustainability, affordability and shared benefit from new technology is thought will take decades for humankind to deliver. Benzaco Scientific has this technology now, and we will facilitate this transition through our values and as one global odor management team.


Eliminate Industrial Odors with Tailored Solutions

At Benzaco, we specialize in the identification and selection of naturally occurring compounds that can dramatically reduce or eliminate foul odors. Our products are non-hazardous, non-toxic, non-flammable and safe to use in virtually every industrial application.

Benzaco Scientific’s proprietary odor eliminating compound Odor-Armor® is biodegradable, cost-effective, easy to apply, provides immediate odor reduction for a wide range of industrial applications and use cases. The Odor-Armor® solutions are concentrated, multi-component, blends of natural odor neutralizing compounds.

A range of industry-specific formulations are available to eliminate nuisance odors through fogging, vapor, topical or direct injection delivery methods. In addition, Benzaco designs and installs the industry specific delivery systems that have made us the brand of choice for over 30 years for industry leaders seeking to solve the challenges they face in industrial odor control.

A Full Service Odor Management Company

Benzaco Scientific Inc. is a leading manufacturer of natural odor eliminating compounds.

We specialize in the production and development of advanced odor control formulations and innovative delivery systems for industrial and commercial odor control applications around the world.

Odor Counteractants

Our industry leading chemists develop industry-specific odor eliminating compounds.


We design and fabricate custom odor control systems to ensure best-in-class operational performance and cost-efficient results.


We can install and service your odor control equipment to specific operational characteristics and service requirements.


We value your input before, during and after the purchase of our products. We pride ourselves in customer retention and support.

From Odor Eliminating Compounds Manufacturer to Custom Delivery Systems Engineers

Benzaco is a closely held corporation specializing in the development, manufacturing and service of industrial and commercial odor control products and systems.

For over 30 years Benzaco stayed true to its mission of formulating proprietary solutions and building customer-specific delivery systems to dramatically reduce or eliminate nuisance odors.

Headquartered in Washington D.C., with sales and support operations in Chicago, Benzaco is a world leader in the odor control industry.

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