ODOR-ARMOR® “Operational Acceptance”

Benzaco Scientific, Inc. researches, designs, manufactures and applies state-of-the-art chemical and equipment technology for odor management. We are specialists. We only do odor management. It's not a side item, which means you get experts...not peddlers. At Benzaco, our chemists have a deep understanding of the ability of specific naturally occurring compounds to counteract foul odors. The scientific selection of these compounds is the core of Benzaco Scientific odor control technology and has taken many years to perfect. Benzaco Scientific, by utilizing it's proprietary chemical formulas in the ODOR-ARMOR® product line has a near 30 year proven track record and documented success of eliminating nuisance odors at a variety of industries, including oil refineries, asphalt plants, waste-water treatment plants, commercial cannabis growing facilities, solid waste management facilities and drilling rigs.


ODOR-ARMOR® products eliminate odor without leaving a residual fragrance in the air. If overfed they may impart a slight...



The odor control market is brimming with vendors who sell odor control as an aside to other business. What makes Benzaco unique...


Case Histories

Landfill is Forced to Pay Heavy Penalties When Masking Agent is Unsuccessful at Reducing Odors




Benzaco Scientific Organization

Benzaco is a privately held company that has specialized in the odor control industry for nearly 30 years. Headquartered in Washington, DC with offices near Toronto and Chicago. Chemical odor control products and equipment are manufactured at our facilities in Virginia.


Odor Control Products

Benzaco has developed a line of chemical products that eliminate odor control problems in virtually every industry and application. Our products are designed to neutralize odors not merely mask the odor. We have the extensive practical knowledge and our ongoing R&D has allowed us to offer our clients the most effective products in the marketplace from a performance AND cost standpoint. Our products are nontoxic, nonhazardous, biodegradable and absolutely safe in every respect.

Benzaco Services

Equipment Products

Benzaco recognizes that chemistry is only half the battle in odor control applications. The best chemistry can fail if not correctly applied. We design and build our own equipment specifically for vapor phase odor control. The equipment is designed and built to prevent or minimize the problems unique to a specific application. That means we will customize a system to your specific application. Engineered solutions for odor control.



Benzaco provides consulting services in all areas of odor control. We provide expertise in the design, building and application of odor neutralization by mechanical and chemical methods to your entire process. We know your business and we know the regulations that apply to your business. Our odor control experts are available to support our customers as they tackle the ever-changing regulatory requirements for odor.

The Benzaco Advantage

Why do business with Benzaco? We are specialists. We only do odor control. We are manufacturers. We research, design and manufacture our own chemical products and equipment. We are engineers who design, build, install and service our equipment and systems. We are partners in business with our clients. We want a customer for life not for just an order. We make it easy to do business.